Connections Learning by Pearson offers live lessons and curriculum for students in grades K-12. Connections teachers provide individualized support for students and interact with the students via Webmail, Live Lessons, and phone calls to the student's home.  
Each lesson generally features Getting Started, Instruction, Activity, Review, and Assessment sections.  Live Lessons are usually for math and language arts/english classes and are scheduled once a week.  These sessions are recorded so if a student cannot make the Live Lesson, they can view it another time or any student who just wants to review the lesson can rewatch it. Students will also complete portfolio assignments to show their mastery of material presented in a class.
Connections also offers Live Tutor which is available 9am - 6pm Monday through Thursday, 9am - 5pm on Fridays for core subjects and elementary classes. In addition, the Live Tutor is available Monday - Thursday till 11pm for math help.  See the document at the right for more information.
Students will receive any materials for their courses sent directly to their home. Items that need to be returned are to be mailed back by the student/parent.  Return labels are provided by Connections.
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