k12/Fuel Education offers online curriculum for grades K-12.  Using over 500 k12 or FuelEd (formerly Aventa) courses and their teachers, this provider uses live sessions as well as video-based courses for instruction. Using PEAK (Personalized Learning Platform) students, teachers, and administrators can all easily access and manage their courses.
At the elementary level, the courses are about 30% online vs. 70% using texbooks and materials sent to the student. Parents/Guardians act as the Learning Coach for students and play an integral role in the learning process.  At the secondary level, students will complete more work online with more textbooks becoming iTexts or online versions of the textbook.  The Learning Coach becomes more of a support role.
k12/Fuel Education provides any needed course materials that are mailed directly to the student's home. Students will send in sample work to the teacher which is also shared with the TVA coordinator for the student's file.
Technical support for K12/Fuel Education students is available through their Service Station 24-7 via phone, chat, and email. Students can use the internal email system to communicate with their teachers and can utilize teacher chat help 8am-11pm Monday through Friday.
k12/Fuel Education is the same curriculum provider as many Pennsylvania cyber-charter schools.  Included in this list are schools such as Agora, PA Leadership, and PA Virtual Charter School.  Full time students using K12 can enroll in online clubs just like the cyber charter schools! 
District Administrative Office
27 Rehrersburg Road
Bethel, PA 19507
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