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After looking at our data since we started our own cyber school program, we noticed some interesting trends.  Students who start the year in our program are the most successful in completing the year with passing grades.  The current success rate (for the past nine years) is over 80% of those students who made a commitment to online learning before school starts in August and finish the school year in TVA. We believe this shows that online learning is good choice for students who are committed to learning using this method.  Students who look to online learning to fix something that isn't working after the school year begins generally have less success. They may instead need additional support in the building instead of working online which can be isolating if the student does not reach out for help.  Please consider all options for online learning including a trial period or just 1 class to see if online learning is really right for your studentWe do offer online learning in the building for grades 7-12 which can offer more support and structure for students.  Contact Mrs. Kindoll to discuss what might be the best solution for your student.
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Online education is not for everyone. It is important for parents and students make a commitment to learning in this format. If you are unsure your student is suited for online learning, please download a copy of "Is Online Learning For Me?" located on the right side of this page.
For grades K-5, parents are expected to act as the learning coach who will work with students on a daily basis to assist them with completing tasks assigned by the online teacher. Accelerate Educaiton is our TVA provider for grades K-5. The teacher should be in contact with the parent frequently about pacing and assignments. It is very much like homeschooling but with the aid of a teacher who will guide the learning by choosing the assignments and setting the schedule. The parent/guardian acts as a guide to help the student with staying on task and completing the daily work. Parents/Guardians should be aware of the time commitment on their part to play this integral role in the student's learning. Elementary students are expected to take the 4 core classes as well as  "specials" or attend specials in the building.
For grades 6-8, the parent/guardian role begins to lessen as students become more independent and work on lessons without as much assistance to stay on task. Using Edgenuity, the lessons are video based and students can be more independent in completing their work. Students should be utilizing calendars and self direction to be successful online learners.  Parents/Guardians should continue to check in daily with the student to assure task completion and provide guidance as needed. Students are expected to take a total of 6 classes per day - 4 core classes, 1 special each semester, and health/PE (or can attend health/PE and specials in the building).
At the high school level, the role of the parent/guardian should be to monitor the student's grades and completion of assignments. Parents should also be aware of graduation requirements such as the graduation project and work with the student to complete his/her project before their senior year, if possible. High school students must carry a minimum of 6.5 credits each year and meet the 26 credits for graduation.
TVA students can choose to be full-time at home to work on their courses or part-time (we call this a hybrid TVA program).  In grades 7-12, we also offer students the option to work on their online classes in our JSHS library in either a full-time or part-time model.  We call this program TVB since students are in the building.  Please consult the TVA coordinator to find the best fit for your student.  Not all courses offered in our buildings are available online we do our best to find the closest alternative.
TVA students take their state mandated testing within our buildings with our traditional students.  Please see the document list to the right side of the page for the state testing windows for both PSSA and Keystone Exams - these are the dates TASD can give the tests, however each building will determine the exact dates and times for testing.  PSSA testing for English Language Arts and Mathematics is for grades 3-8.  PSSA Testing for Science is for grades 4 & 8. Keystone Exams are given in the spring of the year the student is taking the course:  Biology (generally 9th grade), Algebra 1 (generally 8th grade), and Literature (10th grade). Students will receive remediation before retesting and/or can complete a state directed project if they do not pass a Keystone Exam.
All TVA students who enroll in 3 or more online courses are eligible to take home a TVA laptop and a printer/scanner for the school year.  All TVA equipment must be returned at the end of the school year. 
TVA families can receive up to $40/month towards their internet costs from September through May.  Copies of the internet bill must be submitted along with the internet reimbursement form.  Checks are mailed out in June for the school year.  Students must be taking 3 or more classes at home and must be passing (with a 65% or higher) half of their online classes when they withdraw from TVA (or the end of the school year) in order to receive the reimbursement.
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