Edgenuity provides mastery based learning using videos and interactive learning tools for students in grades 6-12. Students will be presented with lesson information and activities that will practice concepts before assessments. Students will be assessed using  quizzes, tests, and exams where they must achieve 65% or higher to move onto the next lesson. If students do not meet this standard, they are given 1 or more retakes. TVA teachers have the abillity to individualize a course for a student using options for retakes, pretesting, and more.
Each class is shown as a tile or square on the student log in page. A color-coded bar of student progress and the actual grade are displayed for each class. Blue progress means the student is on track, green means they are ahead, and red means they are behind.  TVA courses are based on approximately 1 hour of work per class per day. The actual grade include any zeros for work that should have been completed up to that day. Using the course map, the student can view all assignments and due dates for the class. If a student is behind pace, the course map will show approximately total time needed to get back on track as well as an estimate for each missing activity. Students can print their course report for each class as a checklist of assignments if needed.
Parents can receive a daily, weekly, or monthly progress report from Edgenuity. This will show the progress and grade for each class. Parents also have the option to set up a parent account to view minutes worked, activities completed, and idle time for each student. See the menu on the right for the parent newsletter that explains these in more detail. A code is needed from the TVA coordinator to set up the parent account. Please contact Mrs. Erika Kindoll if you need your code for your student.
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